The COVID-19 pandemic has a serious impact on our society. In order to absorb this impact, the Flemish Minister of Welfare, Public Health and Family has drawn up an action plan “Caring for tomorrow”. One of the target groups that the action plan wants to focus on are the more than 380,000 people who are active in the broad care and welfare sector.

Screening: an essential tool in a community-based approach to mental healthcare

Proper screening is necessary in order to be able to develop a well-substantiated care process for the entire care community. The screener therefore forms an inseparable whole of a community-based intervention, an intervention aimed at an entire community, which the “Caring for Tomorrow” action plan aims to be.

Symptom Inventory Scheme

The Symptom Inventory Scheme (SIS-NL) is a diagnostic tool developed to describe symptoms in detail. The SIS-NL can be used as a structured interview or as a self-report questionnaire and is designed to comprehensively describe symptoms in a qualitative way. The time needed to take the SIS-NL is approximately half an hour.

Broad symptom screening is an essential part of the assessment process

The SIS-NL tries to accurately map out symptoms by inventorying them according to the following components: Symptom Description, Origin and course of symptoms, Disease Theory, Healing Theory. In addition, the possibility is provided to indicate the symptoms on the basis of the DSM-5 classifications.


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